Henque Waste has been involved in the Recycling business for nearly two decades and still going strong. During the past 10 years we became involved in Waste Management and handling as well. We have helped to introduce and successfully implement a two-bag system in Still Bay during 2008 and we expanded the project to Riversdale in 2009 and Heidelberg and Albertinia in 2010. Henque Waste advertised and marketed the campaign throughout the first three years and is still involved in awareness and marketing campaigns to create further awareness.

Although there are other towns in Eden district who only expected a recycling rate of 6 to 8%, we have collected an amount of 34% of all households in Hessequa area (during 2013-2016) and still managed to grow with 3% in volume turnover during 2016-2017. The amounted material recovered from households during 2012 was 1840 tons, but reduced due to tender restrictions. This growth will flatten off eventually due to households that are used as holiday homes and only occupied during season. At the same time low income areas rather sell their material at the buy-back centrums than making use of the two-bag system.

During 2010 we expanded to Eden district and opened a facility in George from where we currently service retail outlets from Knysna to Oudtshoorn and Mossel Bay and also run a buy-back centre in George. During 2017, the Velddrif, two-bag recycling contract was awarded to us by Bergrivier Municipality and we also run a buy back centre there.

We pride ourselves therein that we recycle ALL commodities of material available in the industry, regardless if there are markets or not. We transport and stockpile all unwanted material at our facilities in Riversdale and George. We investigate all possibilities to establish new and sustainable markets in the industry to create maximum conversion of recovered or available material.